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On our VERY FIRST DAY OF YEAR 4 EVER we went outside and took part in small team games to develop our speed and communication skills. We just about missed the rain. Yay!

In Science, we used the FORCE(meters) to investigate friction. To be honest, looking at your booklets, I think some of your results are a 'work of friction'. Am I right?

We reseached where different foods come from and how they are transported to the UK. Then we made fruit skewers with items coming from Peru, Italy aaaaand probably some other hot countries. YUM!

We went for a sit on the tyres and played a game where we had to tell two truths and one lie about ourselves. The rest of us had to try to guess the lie. And for a bunch of 8/9 year olds, Mr Ward can confirm that we are unequivocally TERRIBLE at lying. Like really, really bad. We need to work on that.

Here, my brand new Learning Detectives were given the task of taking some pictures of our magnet investigations. Let's have some smiley faces next time, girls!

Oh Roald Dahl day, we completed a number of FUN FILLED activities based around the works of the popular children's author. Here we are solving some logic problems in based on Roald Dahl characters in our maths lesson.

We went into the Alfresco area to complete some Science work about battery and mains powered appliances.

PE warm up. Then we did some running.

Here you can see a bunch of year 4 children doing some work on determiners. DETERMINATE! DETERMINATE!

In Science we have been experimenting with making electrical circuits. "It was well good," said one enthusiastic pupil.

On European Day of Languages we had fun naming colours in French and playing games to help us remember greetings in a range of foreign tongues.

Be Bold, Wear Gold! Or in some cases... orange, brown, etc

We did a music lesson outside. It was actually quite windy.

In Design Technology we attempted to make prototypes for torch cases, thinking about our target user and how we would include the electrical components.

On whole school Parliament / P4C day we learned about our electoral system, how parliament works and how laws are made. We also debated the merits of new laws we thought up!

In ICT lessons this term we have been learning about, and beginning to record our own podcasts!

In Art lessons we have been studying the paintings of David McEown.

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