Today, we organised key events and time periods throughout history into chronological order, to get a better understanding of when the Ancient Maya were around. Mr Ward's favourite moment of the lesson was when a pupil asked if the 'Big Bang' was the reason we have Fireworks Night.

In Music, we used simple untuned instruments to replicate the sounds of a train journey. It sounded EXACTLY like a train, and not at all like a room full of children incessantly banging and scraping and beating and shaking and okay that's enough now children.

On World Day of Modern Foreign Languages, we took part in a range of activities, including learning some Russian, trying out a variety of exotic foods and playing a board game involving the greetings and flags of lots of other countries. Some of us dressed up in colours to represent a European nation. Some of us didn't, but Mr Ward took pictures of us anyway, because we looked happy.

In our PE lesson we went to visit someone called Outdoor Jim. ;)

Maths - counting in 1000s BINGO! Such fun.

On Roald Dahl day, we linked the idea of the 'Everlasting Gobstopper' from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to an investigation into solubility. We tested how quickly sugar cubes would dissolve and had a competition to see who could make their tower stand up the longest. Here are some pictures mainly of paper plates to prove it. Enjoy!

In Science we have been sorting animals into the key animal classes and learning about their features. It turns out that year 4 pupils are mammals after all, despite their moist, slimy skin.

Mr Ward's Guide To Life

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Not sure about some of the points on our class charter? Here, Mr Ward (yes, I am referring to myself in the 3rd person) explains everything to the sound of a familiar 1990s SMASH HIT.

4SW Class Charter

4SW Class Charter 1

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