Week 1 Day Five - Back to school...at least for me!

Hello again, one and all. How are you finding the glorious sunshine this week? I hope you have had the chance to get some exercise and test your brain a little bit.


I am in class today with a few people you will recognise, we will be doing some nice art activities so I will post them on the class page. Big thanks for sending me the work you have completed, everything I get will be on the class page for you to view. It doesn't matter when you do the task, if you miss one then you can catch up easily enough.


Don't forget to keep reading your Bug Club books and completing the questions online. Maths Rockstars is also proving to be very popular so pop in and challenge your friends. If you are unable to log in then contact either me or Mrs Walkinshaw and we will sort it out.

"And the band begins to play..."

Last Beatles song for this week, one of your favourite songs to sing-along too. Let your imagination go and enjoy...

Street Child work rumbled on as things get a difficult for Jim Jarvis. After being evicted fro his home, he is forced to travel the streets of London looking for help.


LI - Read.



Quite simple, your mission today is to read Chapter 3 - Rosie and Judd and Chapter 4 - The Workhouse.


Think about the following questions:


  • How do you think the family felt as they roamed the streets?
  • Who could you turn to in a time of need?
  • Why did the author mention the bird?
  • How do you know that Mom was welcome at the house?
  • Why do you think Jim and his mother walked so slowly?
  • Which phrases impact your thinking the most?
  • What does the immediate future hold for Jim?


Enjoy the story folks, it has its tragic moments but is worth carrying on.

Maths Questions - same as yesterday. There are lots to do!

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