Week 1 Day Four - Stick Man, That's Me

Good morning everyone. Have you watched everything on the Disney+ app yet? They have a free 7 day trial so check out the best Pixar films, Up and Toy Story. They also have the best 3 Star Wars films and The Avengers movies too.



If you get chance then send some pictures in and I will add them to the class page. Work, dancing, keep-fit or meditating. Everything is good for the class to see.

The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye

Check out the groovy outfits. Which Beatle is your favourite?

Well done to those people who have completed the Street Child tasks so far. I’m hoping you've now got to know Jim a little bit and enjoyed reading about that delicious pie. Two magical words, pie and gravy!


LI - Debate.


Read Street Child Chapter 2 - The Stick Man. Think about the following questions.



  • How does Mr. Spinks feel towards the family? What phrase does he use?
  • Which character does he remind you of from another book? Give two reasons.
  • What does his voice sound like?
  • What is his creepiest quality?
  • Is he in any way similar to the other Stick Man you know, pictured above?


Is Mr Spinks right to evict the family from the room? Create a table for and against his decision to remove them. Think hard about why he is correct so you have five good points for either side. Good luck!



Plenty of varied reasoning calculations. These questions can be worked on over the next few days. Answers to follow.

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