Week 2 Day One - Disney lockdown...

G’day folks, welcome back to another week at (home) school. Are you ready for the tasks ahead? Do you have the willpower to put your console controllers down? Has your free subscription to Disney+ run out already?


This week will see a new selection of videos, nostalgic and new, to cheer you up before the work starts. I’ll also be adding to the list of free things that are on offer to. Most importantly, I’ll be aiming to cheer you up because I know that you’ll be missing the jolly madness of school.


Disney Sorcerer's Arena - don’t let it affect your school work! But play it!

Disney Sorcerer's Arena - don’t let it affect your school work! But play it! 1 Set aside at least five hours to play.

Your mind is being controlled by your stomach!

Is anybody else hungry all day? You are not alone...

Welcome to your literacy lesson for today. Once again, big thanks to all of you who are sending me their work. Just take a quick photograph of it and email it to me, it is really easy and only takes a few seconds. Now time for Street Child.


After the upsetting event from the ends of the last chapter, Jim has found himself at the workhouse. And the clue about what it is like is in the name.


LI - Infer.


Read Street Child Chapter 5 - Behind Bars, think about the following questions:


  • What do the other boys in the workhouse think of Jim? Why? Give evidence.
  • Which other building does the workhouse remind you of?
  • What was the purpose of the author writing about the asylum?
  • What do you think Mr Sissons voice sounds like? Practise saying his lines out loud.


Make a cartoon strip of Jim's first meal. Use thought balloons for his innermost feelings and narration boxes to say what is happening. Use the one below as a guide.



Read Chapter 6 Tip before tomorrow's lesson. Well done.

Maths - Pie Charts. Can you interpret the illustration and answer the questions?

Science - Circuits and Symbols. Memorise the symbols and then draw them. How many did you get right?

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