Our team of eCadets are here to help you with online safety. We work with Mrs. White on eCadet challenges which teach us about how to stay safe online and we spread the word to the rest of the school through assemblies and lessons. We are also here to offer advice advice if you have any online safety concerns or issues. We meet on a regular basis in the ICT Suite which is also where our noticeboard can be seen. 


We are:

Lilly (Y3), Jax (Y3), Molly (Y4), Harry (Y4), Eloise (Y5), Blake (Y5), Aditi (Y6), Dylan (Y6)

Message from the Chair of eCadets

Hi, I'm Aditi and I'm the Chair of the eCadet team. I enjoy being an eCadet because you get to tell your class information about online safety (which is what eCadets are all about) and we do challenges. Some of our challenges are class based, others are assemblies. There are two eCadets in each year group and we work together to choose and complete the challenges set for us on the eCadet's website. 

The Woodlands, Hartshill, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0SZ, 0247 639 2272