Home learning week 3 (15/6/2020) - I Say Thee Nay...

Captain America throws his mighty shield!


Hello and welcome to Week 3 of the infamous, much talked about and highly entertaining topic about American superheroes. We will be discussing the popularisation of the superhero through comics, toys, movies and cartoons.


  • How did they turn into the billion dollar making movie industry?
  • Why did Disney purchase Marvel Comics for such an enormous sum?


We will find the answers by delving into the world of movie making and exactly what we find so enjoyable about familiar heroes, such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. We will also be examining why there aren't more female superheroes and whether this trend is changing due to popular demand.


Captain Marvel | Marvel 101

After an alien device mutated her DNA, Danvers transformed from a merely brilliant pilot into one of the most powerful Super Heroes in the universe. Now soar...

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