Camp Fire Fun!

As part of their topic on Anglo-Saxons, the Year 4 pupils joined Wildlife Kate out at the fire pit this week, to find out more about cooking on an open fire! The Ango-Saxons would have most commonly cooked over a large, communal fire and were thought to eat quite a lot of basic bread, made from the wheat they grew. Wrapped up warm, the Year 4 pupils learn how to take the dough and wrap it around a long stick. Crouching next to the warmth of the glowing embers of the fire, they gently turned the dough until it was evenly cooked on all sides. The best bit was carefully taking the warm bread off the stick, breaking it open and eating it... with a little jam as well! It was delicious! Our outdoor learning environment is an important part of our curriculum time and we can't wait for the weather to get warmer so we can get outside more often!

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