House Teams

House Teams


Once in MDJS, all the children are allocated a team to collect house points for. Following our literary theme, the four houses have been named after famous writers that have had a big influence on our popular culture over the years.


Siblings will be placed in the same house as each other.


Children earn house points for their teams but also for themselves.  Our emphasis is on rewards to reinforce good behaviour, rather than on failures. We believe that rewards have a motivational role, helping children to see that good behaviour is valued. Michael Drayton School believes in the value of praise. Our rewards system is designed to promote effort and raise self-esteem.


House points will be awarded which will be recorded as a collective and for individuals.  Children have a tally in their home-school books to record their individual targets.  Every 100 house points will achieve the award of a letter from Mrs Compton-Belcher sent home and recognition will be given in celebration assemblies to celebrate their achievement.  If they gain 500 house points, a trophy will be presented at the end of the year.


House points will be totalled termly and the winning house will enjoy a non-school uniform day. In addition to teachers, teaching assistants and mid-day supervisors awarding House Points for good behaviour.


Throughout the school year, there will be a range of team challenge days where pupils can earn themselves additional points.


793 Points

Captains - Katie and Will N

Vice Captains - Connie and Jack


 452 Points

Captains - James B and Maisie

Vice Captains - Florence and Jacob


 714 Points

Captains - Cara and Ollie

Vice Captains - Blake, Indie and Leyton


 496 Points

Captains - Nancy and Will P

Vice Captains - Jayden and Phoebe


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