LI: to investigate

5HK used the new chrome books to research about the life stage; old age.

Remote Learning Week 5 - Can you remember which constellation the North Star could be found in?

Remote Learning Science Week 3 - Can you remember why we do not see the full moon at all times throughout the lunar month?

Remote Learning Science Week 1 - Can you find your work here?

A successful, scientific, scavenger hunt!

A special guest star, led our class through learning about space over teams. Pupils learnt about the planets, their sizes and where they are on a rough scale. Pupils also had the chance to ask away any question they have ever had about space to a space expert! Super fun lesson!

Pupils learnt what classification is in relation to animals and had a go at classifying sweet!

We conducted an experiment which tested the water and air resistance of different boat shapes.

Pupils designed and created boats that they think would be least impacted by air and water resistance. There was some excellent examples of our learning behaviour, cooperation, in this lesson. Well done 5HK.

We carried out a quick investigation into how different shapes impact water resistance. Which one do you think will have the least amount of water resistance?

In our “Forces” topic, we have been looking at gravity and Sir Isaac Newton. We discussed what mass and weight are and then put different objects within our classroom to the test to see the difference. Thanks to my two helpers for demonstrating with me!

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