Street Child Discussion Points and Review

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Street Child Discussion Questions:


Chapter 13 'The Lily':


  • What was the real reason people's boot-laces often break when they are standing in queues?
  • What is ‘The Lily’?
  • After his first day working for Nick, what did Jim dream of?


Chapter 14 'The Waterman's Arms' and  Chapter 15 'Josh':


  • “Before he was halfway through it the noises around him softened to murmurs and spread across a wide, dark sea, lapping as quiet as long ago.” What is happening to Jim at this point?

  • What is Jim’s dream?

  • What were the water men all racing to find first?


Chapter 16 'Boy In Pain' and Chapter 17 The Monster Weeps':


  • Why did Jim not eat the meat Nick had given to him? Explain your answer.
  • How long had Jim been living with Nick before he tried to escape?
  • How did Nick ensure that Jim would be unable to escape again?
  • At the end of chapter 17, what happens to Nick?


Chapter 18 'You Can Do It, Bruvver', Chapter 19 'Away' and  Chapter 20 'The Green Caravan':


  • At what time of year was the miner’s pageant held?
  • How did Jim cut the rope around his neck?
  • What did Jim do to trap Snipe and Nick on the boat as he ran away?
  • Do you think Jim feels guilty? Explain your opinion.
  • Why doesn’t Jim tell Madame Juglini that he does know how to sew?


Chapter 21 'Circus Boy', Chapter 22 'On The Run Again' and Chapter 23 'Shrimps Again':


  • Who did Jim see Madame Juglini receive a coin off and why did he run away?
  • Why did Jim steal from the woman on the farm rather than asking for help?
  • What were the only two things that Jim had to call his own?


Chapter 24 'Looking For A Doctor' and  Chapter 25 'The Ragged School':


  • Why do you think Shrimps is so afraid to go to the hospital?
  • What meal did Shrimps describe as a feast?
  • Do you think the lady with the coffee cart is right to not leave her stall to help shrimps? Use evidence from the text to support your opinion.
  • “He reached out and felt for the boy’s hand. It was cold.” What has happened to Shrimps?


Chapter 26 'Goodbye, Bruvver':


  • Why does Jim start to think he’d be better off at the workhouse?
  • What does Jim do to show respect to Shrimps when he has to leave him?


Chapter 27 'Barnie' and the ‘More Than A Story’:


  • Why did Jim finally decide to go to the Ragged School?
  • Why does Jim duck his head down after seeing who Barnie is?
  • How do you think this story could be seen as uplifting and positive?

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