We had a visit from the magistrates.  We all enjoyed our morning and learned a lot about the law and how the court process works.


We looked at different aspects of parliament and how it works.  We also debated different issues in a P4C session.


In our work about reflection, we looked at how periscopes worked.  We made some of our own and tried them out.



We used the African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child" and asked  "Whose responsibility is it to raise a child?"  We engaged in an interesting and thoughtful discussion.


We looked at pulse and rhythm in music.  Whilst listening to a WW2 song "Run Rabbit," we identified its pulse and rhythm.  We learned about notation and notated some of the lyrics and our names.


We looked at different periods of history we had studied throughout our time at MDJS and created a human timeline with them.

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