Week Two - Shazam

You will notice if you look on the home learning section that there is a lot of information about superheroes. Believe it or not, superheroes are responsible for me being able to read. I picked up a comic when I was really young called Secret Wars and never looked back. It had intergalactic fighting, laser blastersm, Spider-man and Doctor Doom, not to mention a rampaging Thor! It was brilliant.


In tribute to the heroes of the Marvel Universe, I have found these two videos to enjoy. Hulk smash!!

Avengers | Marvel 101

Earth's Mightiest Heroes stand as the planet's first line of defence against the most powerful threats in the universe.

Spider-Man vs. The Vulture in 2 Minutes- Marvel TL;DR

Spider-Man encounters one of his most iconic villains for the first time: The Vulture! Relive the classic tale...

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