Week 2 Day Five - Jump and Jive!

Hello 6JR. Thanks to all of those people who are checking in and sending me their work. If you haven't done so already make sure you take a photograph of your work and send it to me as a photograph. I can then read it and upload it to the class page.


We will be bringing the story of Street Child to a close this week (and over Easter) so we can start an exciting new topic in the Summer Term. As I have mentioned to several of you by email, the new book choice will be fun and uplifting with a curious plot. Quite a departure from Jim Jarvis and the gang but it all works out in the end.


Here is today's funny picture!


Back soon with more videos next week!

Keep up with your inference skills or this could be you!

Carrying on from yesterday's planning session it is time to write your chapter of the Street Child story.


What did you decide to write about?

Did you come up with a happy ending for Jim?

Did he join up with his sisters again?



LI - Write atmospheric narrative.


Quite simple really, write the extract of the story that you have planned.


  • How can you make your story engaging?
  • Do your actions match the actions of the characters so far?
  • What new element / character will you add to the story?
  • What fronted adverbials will you use?
  • What phrases will you borrow from the book?


The tasks I post for Street Child over Easter will be to read the chapters and think about the questions. I wonder how it will end for Jim...

Maths - Arithmetic. Finishing off and practising what you know!

Time for some spiritual development. Discuss the role of churches and mosques and compare.

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