Week 2 Day Four - Pooh Sticks

We are closing in fast on the end of the week and also the Easter holidays. What have you got planned over Easter? I will be trying to get to the next level of Disney Sorcerer's Arena as I am now hooked on it. Give it a try if you haven't already, it has a bit of fighting and a bit of strategy.


Here is a nice joke to make you laugh hysterically.


We are flying through this book. There have been twists and turns and things have not got much better for Jim. Do you hope that his life improves? Is he going to survive? Will anybody reach out and save him?


LI - Plan.


Read Street Child Chapter 11 'The Spitting Crow'. Think about the following points of discussion:


  • How do you think Jim feels now that he has let out all of this emotion?
  • Is he now safe?
  • How do you think Jim kept himself entertained?
  • What are your impressions of Rosie?


Now on to Chapter 12 'Shrimps'. The plot moves fast in this book and Jim is thrown from one situation to another. Think about:


  • In what way do Jim's future thoughts change over the chapter?
  • How is Jim helping Rosie to sell the food?
  • Why is he so against school?
  • Why do the children eat food so fast?
  • What does the future hold for Jim?


You will be writing the rest of the story, but first you need to plan. Use the example as a guide and remember to include conjunctions, fronted adverbials, events of the story and dialogue to show how the characters are different.




Is there anything cooler than Toy Story?

Check out the movie, it is a great laugh.

Maths - Arithmetic. You can all do these questions especially the fractions ones!

What's the Voltage? Learn more about electricity with this presentation.

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