Week 2 Day Two - Mirror, Mirror...

Welcome one and all to the educational masterpiece known as the 6JR class page. Are you finding yourself yearning for quality education? Are your parents doing a better job than your teachers? Does the lure of socialising on the playground play on your mind all day?


It is nearly time for the Easter holidays boys and girls, but until then I will feed your curious brains with activities and tips to keep your brain in tip top condition!

It is windy outside, be careful if you have balloons.

Did you spot the link to our Science topic when it 'stuck' to Tigger's tail?

If homeschooling is hard work then share a thought for poor old Jim Jarvis. He is certainly on a run of terrible luck and circumstance. What he needs right now is a friend. Reflecting on the last chapter, what were your thoughts of the brutal school punishments? Terrible, hey? Did Mr Barrack remind you of anyone? So, let's read on...


LI - Write an emotional recount.


Read Chapter 7 of Street Child entitled The Wild Thing, think about the following questions:


  • Why does Jim ask Joseph how long he has been in the workhouse?
  • How would it feel day after day to do the same thing?
  • Why was the teacher triumphant when Jim spoke?
  • What does the word triumphant mean?


Write a diary entry for Jim. Include his thoughts on what has happened in his life so far and what his reasons for running away are even though he knows he will be punished. Remember to include past tense, specific events from the story so far and plenty of reflections.


Read Street Child Chapter 8 The Carpet Beaters. Discuss with someone at home:


  • How did Jim feel when the woman wanted to cuddle him?
  • Could Jim have beaten the carpet by himself? What did he need?
  • How did he feel when he saw the open gate?
  • How did he feel to be free?


Enjoy the reading, like I've said before, it is heavy going sometimes but worth it!

Maths - Bar and Line Graphs. Why do we use them in real life?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the biggest genius of all? Albert Einstein?

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