Week 2 Day Three - Painting and Decorating

Hello again, this topic about education is coming to an end this week and to finish off we will have a quiz. Who would have thought that this topic would have a two week break at home with your parents / carers? Education at school and at home!


Here is a funny picture to start your day with a smile.


This is today's grammar and spelling lesson, sing-a-long...

Have a sing and a dance to this!

Now that Jim has escaped and is on the run, what shall he do? Where should he go? With all of the questions in Jim's head, I wonder where he will turn and what he will do next? Will he be reunited with his sisters? Will he live on the streets of London? Let's see...


LI - Select atmospheric vocabulary.


Read Street Child Chapter 9 'The Jaw of the Iron Dog'.


Discuss the following questions, with evidence for your ideas:


  • Why does he need to stay away from policemen?
  • Which other person do you know likes the smell of coffee?
  • What did Jim think of the market?
  • How did Jim find his way back to the house where his sisters were?


Read Street Child Chapter 10 'Lame Betsy'.


  • Why was the lady sacked from her job in the kitchen?
  • Where do you think they all went next?
  • How much do you think Jim enjoyed the food he was given?
  • Which food sounds the most delicious from the descriptions given?
  • What do you think the fish yard smelled like?


Now that you have read both chapters it is time for an activity. How has the story maintained your interest throughout? Write down a list of words and phrases from the last few chapters that you have found impressive and that you would like to use. You will be writing a story extract so the chosen words will be useful.

Maths - Mean Averages. Why do we find them out? What use are averages?

Banksy Art. Complete your lessons, then maybe use chalk to create your own on a wall. Ask parents permission first!!

Picture 1

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