Hello 6MB!


Well done to everyone who is working from home.

I will be updating our Teams timetable each week on here to help you identify what you need to do. 


If you have any problems or questions. send me a message on Teams or email me at banks.m@welearn365.com


Thank you, Mrs Banks :) 

Our Class Charter


Welcome to 6MB's exciting class page!  On this page we will show you the wonderful work and learning this class had done.  Our lovely teacher Mrs Banks and teaching assistant, Ms Wyatt have helped us grow as a class.

Alicia C

6MB's feeling about Transition Fortnight

I enjoyed coming back to school because I could see all my friends.  I have loved it because we have been doing fun activities.  It has been so much fun. - Sophie R


I enjoyed coming back to school because we have done so many activities.  I have also got to see my friends and make some new ones.  This is why I enjoyed coming back. - Maisey


I have enjoyed seeing all my friends and my new class.  The work we have been doing was also really fun. - Tess


I've enjoyed the first two weeks as it's been more fun and laid back.  Also we got to work outside more.  It's been getting us back into the school mindset.  Our topics have been fun. - Will N


The first two weeks have been really exciting because we have been going outside a lot of the time which seems to help me think.  Seeing my friends has also been very nice.  We have been doing lessons that have helped our mindsets. - James 


I have enjoyed doing all of the learning outside because you get fresh air while you work.  I have also enjoyed all of the P4C lessons and discussions. - Izzy


I think the first two weeks have been good because we did lots of different activities and got to go outside and do activities. - Mariam


We have had lots of fun activities over the past two weeks.  We have been doing lots of mindset activities and lots of activities outside.  I feel the fresh air and sounds of nature help me learn.  - Will B


I have really enjoyed it from the first day.  The best thing is that I made new friends and did exciting activities. - Gosia


I have enjoyed coming back to school because I got to see my friends and my new teacher.  - Ashtyn


I've enjoyed the first two weeks if Year 6 because we have our funny teacher Mrs Banks and our TA Ms Wyatt.  We have done loads of fun activities and I got to see my friends. - Tylan


I have enjoyed the first two weeks of school because it helped me to get back into the feeling of school.  I have seen all my friends in person instead of through a screen on Microsoft Teams and I am wondering what I am going to do throughout the year. - Phoebe


I enjoyed seeing my friends again and the activities have said to my brain "time to wake-up for school."  Mrs Banks has been telling me to keep trying and never give-up for better work. - Travis


I have enjoyed school because we have done lots of fun things, seen my friends and made new friends. - Sophie H


In science, we have been investigating the properties of materials.  We tested a range of materials for permeability, absorbency, hardness, solubility, transparency and conductivity.


One of our tasks was to separate and filter some 'Alien Soup.'  We used different equipment to separate pasta, rice sand, salt and water.


We have looked at Europe and some of its capital cities.  We had a go at recreating the Eiffel Tower using art straws and Blu-Tac.


ART - Who Am I?

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