Transition information for Hartshill, Nuneaton Academy and George Eliot School

Transition information for The Queen Elizabeth Academy

During the war...6JR taking part in a World War Two themed lesson about rationing.

What is the real meaning of the propaganda poster? 6JR discussing the use of language to convey a message during World War Two. Then creating their own!

Constructing an Anderson Shelter using paper craft skills. 6JR understanding the use of shelters in an air raid.

How does light reflect off surfaces? 6JR investigating the incident ray and the reflected ray.

What history topics have we learned at MDJS? 6JR discussing and ordering...

Run for your lives... 6JR showing empathy with characters from the story Fallout by hiding in their nuclear bunker!

We are under attack! Evacuate the house!

Still image for this video
6JR re-enacting the events from the story Fallout.

Reading aloud with 6JR...

"Over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard." The Highwayman

The long arm of the law... 6JR visited by a local police officer.

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