Year 6

Induction Day - Year 6 2020

Summer Passport Activities

Transition Activities


Over the next few weeks, you will have the chance to complete some tasks that will be passed onto your new teacher! We are going to base these around David Walliams' books – ‘The world’s worst children’. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the books, there are lots of good clips online however this isn't essential to complete the tasks! 


Send any work to your future teacher's email account, Miss Mackley at or complete them on teams and submit as usual.


We look forward to seeing all your great work! 


Miss Mackley, Mrs Banks, Mr Groom and Mr Colley


Task 1 -


First, we would like you to design your own portrait in a similar style to the ones used in the books to represent you are your personality, take a look at the ones below for inspiration: 

You can create your one frame or feel free to use one of the ones below:

Check out the amazing portraits we have received so far! If you haven't sent yours in, don't worry it's not too late!

Task 2 - 


Next, we want you to design a wanted poster to tell us a little more about yourself.



You can use the template below or be creative and make your own!

Check out some more fantastic work here! Some great reasons for wanted children ;)

Task 3 - Earnest Ernest’s Instruction Leaflet


‘Meanwhile the robot’s movements were becoming increasingly jerky and unpredictable.

It was making even more beeping and buzzing noises.

Soon sparks were flying out of its eyes; smoke was billowing from its head.

The robot’s tickling tentacles were now moving so fast they were becoming a blur.

“NO! HA HA! NO!” cried Professor Drolling as tentacles tickled every conceivable part of his body.


Earnest Ernest’s Instruction Leaflet

READ THE STORY OF EARNEST ERNEST ON PAGES 209 – 240 or watch his story above.


Task: Use the information about the Tickle Monster 3000 in the story and your imagination to make an instruction leaflet for ‘How to use the Tickle Monster 3000’. Or create your own machine!

Ideas to include:

• Draw a picture with labels to show what the Tickle Monster 3000 and its controls look like

• Explain what the Tickle Monster 3000 can do

• Explain how the Tickle Monster 3000 should be used

• Explain how it should be looked after

• Include any danger warnings that the user might need

• Use bullet points or numbered steps to make your instructions clear

See below for some amazing leaflets packed full of features!

Check out Jack's great presentation about his fantastic model:

Still image for this video

Task 4 - Nigel NIT-BOY’s COMIC STRIP


'Nigel had his superpower. He had his name. His costume was on. He was NIT-BOY! At once he began his SUPERVILLAINY.

The next morning he strode into school, his cape flapping in the wind.

First, Nigel vowed to get revenge on his geography teacher, Mr Drumhum. Nigel found geography boring and spent most of his lessons reading comic books. Mr Drumhum had given the boy detention after detention.

Now NIT-BOY stood at the door to the classroom. Initially there were hoots of laughter from the other children. What with his costume and shrubland of hair, the would-be SUPERVILLAIN did look quite a sight. “HA HA HA!”

However, the laughter turned to silent awe as NIT-BOY called out his first command. “NITS! SWARM!”

The billions of nits that were whirling round his head formed a black mass next to him.’

READ PAGES 54 – 80 NIGEL NIT-BOY or watch the story on the youtube link above.


Task: Create a comic strip to tell one of the tales of NIT-BOY’s revenge.


You could use one of the events already in the story or you could use your imagination to make up your own.

Ideas to include:

• You could retell the nit attack on Mr Drumhum; Mrs Droop or Mr Sourchops.

• Think about three parts to your story – the beginning, the middle and the end.

• Use pictures, action words and speech bubbles to show action.

Read below for some hilarious revenge adventures!

Task 5 - Miss Spicks Trike of Terrors


Thank you so much for all your amazing tasks completed so far!


Over the last few weeks, you have been completing work based on ‘The world’s worst children’. For the last week we are going to look at the ‘World’s worst teachers’, you can listen to the stories here:



Read the story of Miss Spicks or watch it here:


Your first task this week is to write a newspaper article following the events of this story to share the amazing tale for all to hear. Remember to include the 5 w’s and quotes from a range of onlookers.


Feel free to use the template below to help you present your newspaper:

Task 6 - World's Greatest Teacher!


Your final task is to create what you think would make the ‘World’s greatest teacher’!

You can use your imagination or base this on someone you already know.


Design your teacher and include labels to show why they are so amazing.

Complete a fact file all about this character including:

- How they speak/act/teach

- Their favourite subjects

- What they do if you are good

- What they do if someone misbehaves

- What they have in their classroom


We can’t wait to see some of your designs! Have fun!

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