Play Leaders

Play Leaders are a group of caring children who have beent trained to organise activities for other children on the playground. They encourage children to join in games and to extend their friendships. The leadership skills that they have been taught will also help to raise self-esteem, self confidence and encourage physical activity.


Play Leaders aim to have the following qualities:

  • To be a great role model
  • Be kind, friendly and confident
  • Be able to help other children
  • Abide by the rules
  • Respect equipment
  • Be honest, reliable and trustworthy
  • To be a good team member


Play Leaders aim to:

  • Improve behaviour on the playground
  • Provide a safe area for children to practise their social skills
  • Develop friendships between pupils
  • Encourage problem solving
  • Teach pupils appropriate skills and games
  • Be a good role model for their peers and to treat children equally


If you're looking for a friend to play with, visit our Play Leaders on the playground. There are also two friendship stops on the playground where you might be able to meet a new friend.

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