Big Maths

Big Maths is a personalised scheme of learning where students progress at their own speed developing core skills which lie at the heart of numeracy.  Big Maths aims to:


  • Develop students’ basic skills enabling them to work mentally and flexibly with numbers
  • Enable students to learn how to count in a variety of ways
  • Embed ‘old learning’ and facts and use them securely to develop new knowledge
  • Build upon students learning sequentially, supporting and covering National Curriculum expectation
  • Allow students to develop mathematical skills and progress at their own pace


For more detailed information about how the programme works download our parent handbook.

Students work on skills at their own level; this level is known as a CLIC level.  When students secure their skills at a particular level they are able to progress to the next CLIC level.  Students are tested weekly on these skills and following three successive weeks of full marks they are promoted to the next level.


If you wish to support your child at home in securing these skills, then the parent support pack provided below will help you understand the types of skills your child is working on.  Key skills being developed are listed on the first page of each document. Your child should be aware of the CLIC level they are working at, however their class teacher can confirm this if you wish.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any additional clarification in understanding the strategies and processes involved within a particular CLIC level.

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