Literacy for Life is the aim of our teaching.  Literacy lies at the heart of our curriculum and its importance is reflected in the amount of time we set aside for the teaching of skills in this vitally important area.  The school follows the National Curriculum and teaches the objectives through a cross curricular topic approach which ensures learning is both enjoyable and purposeful.



Competence, confidence and the nurturing of a life-long love of reading is our aim for every child.  Without a secure grasp of the basic skills, so much of the wider curriculum becomes difficult to access.  Reading is an integral part of our school day and daily, pupils have a Guided Reading session. Throughout the school pupils are taught how to both infer and deduce from texts along with other important skills like skimming and scanning. Teachers then encourage the pupils to transfer these skills and apply and develop them across the curriculum.


All current findings highlight the vital role home plays in the learning partnership with school.  WE POSITIVELY ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO SPEND 10-20 MINUTES A DAY SHARING SOME TYPE OF READING, e.g. storybooks, information books, newspapers, magazines, on-line, on-screen text.



Children are taught the life skills they need to become independent and accurate writers for a variety of audiences.


Teaching in handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation are emphasised and children are given a broader and more sophisticated range of writing opportunities as they progress through school.


Children are encouraged to identify their own mistakes and know what they need to do to improve their work.  Writing
opportunities are planned across the curriculum and this includes on screen work.


Speaking and Listening:

The importance of being able to clearly express a point of view and listen to the views of others is emphasised in all year groups. Children will take part in progressively more demanding tasks, e.g. talking about an item from home, compiling questions to ask of visitors, preparing a talk, taking part in a formal debate.


Children are encouraged to talk their ideas through with a ‘talk partner’ before writing.  Drama is an integral  part of many lessons  as a precursor to writing and there are also opportunities for presentations to other year groups in assembly.



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