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Sex and Relationships Education

Sex and Relationships Education


At Michael Drayton we feel that by teaching relationships and sex education is vital to promoting positive, healthy relationships.  Sex and Relationships Education will be delivered as an integral part of the curriculum using materials and language which is appropriate to the age of the children.  At all times, teaching of sex education will be taught in away which is sensitive to the cultures, beliefs and attitudes of pupils, parents and society, and which promotes equality of regard and opportunity.



The Jigsaw programme we will be delivering to Michael Drayton is a new scheme that is used across many schools. It offers an age appropriate syllabus allowing children to be better prepared for any relationships and developments they will experience in later life.

Both year 3 and 5 will complete life cycle lessons in Science, which will include what different living organisms need to reproduce in order to survive. Sex and Relationships Education will be taught in mixed gender groups across the school. Over the course of the four years at Michael Drayton children will learn about the development of babies to adulthood, puberty and conception. Each year group will have an age appropriate scheme tailored to the specific needs of the year group.


Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

· How babies grow

· Outside and inside body changes

· Family stereotypes

· Looking ahead

· Unique me – characteristics from birth and how they’re made

· Having a baby – learning about the correct names for body parts

· Puberty – learning about how bodies change to prepare for pregnancy

· Love and loss – identifying someone I love

· Getting on and falling out – change in friendships

· Girlfriends and boyfriends - understand it is a special relationship for when I am older

· Self and body image - understanding own self-image

· Puberty for girls - how body changes and looking after yourself physically and emotionally

· Puberty for boys - how bodies change

· Conception - sexual intercourse can lead to conception how babies are usually made and sometimes people need IVF to have a baby

· Recognising me - who I am and my characteristics

· Being safe online

· My self-image - understanding how my body fits into self-image

· Puberty - how girls and boys bodies change

· Babies - conception to birth

· Boyfriends and girlfriends - how being attracted to someone changes the relationship

· Real self and ideal self - positive body image

· Love and loss - stages of grief



Children will also learn about social and emotional development, which links to home lives and changes in family situations in a sensitive manner.


The Woodlands, Hartshill, Nuneaton,
Warwickshire, CV10 0SZ

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