The ability to use Information Technology is now a core skill that all children will need throughout their life. All classes at MDJS have one lesson per week in our ICT Suite to develop their computing skills. We also have class sets of iPads to support and enhance the curriculum in all areas.  The new Computing Curriculum now includes a strong focus on computer programming.  To facilitate this, we have invested in a Lego Innovation Studio which includes a range of Lego kits that pupils can use to build their own designs then program to move and respond via specialist computer software.

Online Safety

 We have been awarded the 360 degree online safety mark twice and were one of the first schools in Warwickshire to achieve the mark.  Online Safety is embedded into the Curriculum and daily life at the school and we are confident that pupils at our school have a good understanding of how to keep themselves safe online.  We have introduced a scheme of work to support online safety and make use of the Google Internet Legends Scheme. Using the Education for a Connected World framework, eight aspects of online education are covered:
1. Self-image and Identity

2. Online relationships

3. Online reputation

4. Online bullying

5. Managing online information

6. Health, well-being and lifestyle

7. Privacy and security

8. Copyright and ownership

Internet Access

All children have access to a filtered internet service via high speed broadband.  A high priority is given to Online Safety and an Online Safety agreement is made between school and home. All desktop PCs are monitored by RADAR Incident Response Management Software.

The School Portal allows a secure, personal on-line workspace for the whole school community.


In April 2015 our school won a three year subscription to eCadets by entering a County E-Safety song competition. After the success and dedication of our eCadet team, we were awarded the eCadet Gold Centre of Excellence status in 2018.  eCadets is the UK's only structured pupil-led peer empowerment online safety scheme for schools.  Our eCadets meet on a regular basis and are trained to offer support and advice to other children in the school if they have questions or a problem with something online.  The team promote online safety to both pupils and parents, review policies and to contribute to the school Online Safety webpages.




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