Eco Council

Our school Eco Crew meet on a regular basis with our wildlife expert, WildlifeKate. 

To maximise the time spent on this important topic, the eco-committee now meet after school on a Tuesday for an hour.

One child from each class is represented in the eco committee.



2019 - 2020 Challenges.



In a big school like ours, there can be a lot of waste. Our first challenge this year, was to see what we could do to cut it down. The committee carried out a waste audit, concentrating on packed lunches and we were shocked at what we found! 

This spurred us into action. Investigating local recycling options, we decided to create recycling cafes around school. 


There are now 5 recycling cafes;

Yellow Bins - Hard plastic and foil

Red Bin - Crisp packets

Blue Bin - Paper and card

We did an assembly and talked to all the children in our classes. We empty the bins on a daily basis and  now recycle all of the waste of this kind.




In 2020, we are going to look at how we can cut down on this waste, concentrating on packed lunches and use of plastic and paper in school.


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