Children are taught the life skills they need to become independent and accurate writers for a variety of audiences.


Teaching in handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation are emphasised and children are given a broader and more sophisticated range of writing opportunities as they progress through school.


Children are encouraged to identify their own mistakes and know what they need to do to improve their work.  Writing
opportunities are planned across the curriculum and this includes on-screen work.

Michael Drayton Junior School Text Overview 2021-22

Alan Peat Exciting Sentences


Throughout the school, we are using a system for teaching writing developed by the educational specialist Alan Peat. We teach children how to use particular types of sentences, which have a handy name so that children understand what is meant whichever class they are in in the school.


The sentence types are designed to help children to write exciting, sophisticated pieces of writing that use the right tone for their purpose. Some sentence types are more appropriate to non-fiction, and others, to fiction writing.


See document for sentences to use in Year 3 - 6. 

For Lower Key Stage 2 children, the National Curriculum states:


For Upper Key Stage 2 children, the National Curriculum states:


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