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What is the role of a governor?


School Governors from the local community and the school, are a group of people who take an active voluntary interest and make a positive contribution to the education of our children.   The Governing Body is responsible for making sure the school improves each year and plays an important part in raising school standards. It sets the direction and ensures that the school is meeting its targets, while allowing the headteacher and teaching professionals to manage the school on a day-to-day basis. They work together to provide the best possible education for your children.


The Governing Body is responsible for a wide range of issues including the school’s curriculum, the upkeep of the buildings, managing the school's budget and staffing appointments. The full Governing Body meets four times a year and there are regular committee meetings.  At these meetings reports on the school’s progress are discussed along with the areas mentioned above, governors ask the right questions to ensure that they are confident the school is heading in the right direction and progress is being made against the priorities shown in the school improvement plan. Governors also visit periodically during the school day and have opportunity to speak to staff and pupils. 



Our Governing body is made up of Local Authority, Staff, Parents and Co-opted governors.  Members of the Governing body are appointed for a four year term.  Our instrument of Governance is below:






Michael Drayton Junior School


If Spaces are shown in the table below, this indicates places within the constitution which can optionally be filled.  Where Vacancies are shown this indicates places within the constitution which should be filled.




Nominating Authority

First Appointed

Term Start

Term End


Staff governors






Miss Jody Mackley


07 Oct 2019

07 Oct 2019

06 Oct 2023


Parent governors






Mr David Gerrard


01 Dec 2021

07 Dec 2021

06 Dec 2025


Mr James Armson


03 May 2022

03 May 202202 May 2026


Vacancy (1)






Local Authority Governors






Margaret Bell


10 Oct 2018

10 Oct 2018

09 Oct 2022








Mrs Diane Compton-Belcher


01 Sep 2013




Co-opted governors






Mr Ian Chaplin


01 Mar 2015

01 Mar 2019

28 Feb 2023


Mrs Sarah Fitzgerald


25 Nov 2015

25 Nov 2019

24 Nov 2023


Mrs Emma Smith


05 Apr 2016

06 Apr 2021

05 Apr 2024


Mrs Allison Wilson


01 Mar 2015

01 Mar 2019

28 Feb 2023


Ms Mikaela Carrasco


11 Jul 2022

11 Jul 2022

10 Jul 2025


Ms Julie Peart


03 May 2022

03 May 2022

02 May 2025

The Woodlands, Hartshill, Nuneaton,
Warwickshire, CV10 0SZ

Tel: 02476392272