Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an integral part of the National Curriculum. 


We have discrete SPAG lessons in school to ensure that children have a knowledge and understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar, relevant to their stage of development.


A crucial part of learning about spelling, punctuation and grammar is that children have opportunities to explore how it is used in the real world, for example to identify where authors have used it and to consider why/how it helps them as a reader.  Within school, the children are exposed to many different types of texts and genres and how grammar rules are used within them.  They are also regularly encouraged to identify where punctuation and grammar have not been used correctly.  


Grammar is about the patterns and rules in a language: how we put words, phrases and clauses together to make structures that communicate information clearly to our reader.  Pupils have this grammatical knowledge in place from an early age and it is developed throughout their education.  This enables them to understand structures they have not heard before and to know if what is communicated makes sense or not.


Below are some links to websites, games and resources that will support learning at home with your child and help to make sense of some of the terminology they will be taught.

For Lower Key Stage 2 children, the National Curriculum states:


For Upper Key Stage 2 children, the National Curriculum states:


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