Q: What time does the school day start?
A: Doors open at 8.30am. Registration is at 8:50am


Q: Can I drop my child to their classroom in the morning?

A: Parents do not enter the playground on a morning, instead parents who accompany their child to school will say their goodbyes at the school gate.

Q: What time is lunch?
A: Lunch is from 12:00 - 1:00pm for Years 3 and 5, 12:20 - 1:20pm for Years 4 and 6.

Q: How much are school dinners?
A: School dinners cost £2.25 a day which is £11.25 a week.  To enquire about eligibility for free school meals, parents can contact the Free School Meals Helpdesk on: 01926 742060

Q: What time is break?
A: Break times currently vary for each class. Please check your child's class page for a timetable showing times of break and lunch time.  


Q: Can my child bring in a snack for break time?

A: Yes. Your child can bring in a 'healthy' snack. Fruit, cereal bar, yoghurt, cheese, etc... NO chocolate, chocolate coated biscuits or potato snacks (including crisps) should be brought in. In addition, your child should not bring in fizzy/energy drinks.

A small chocolate snack and/or a packet of crisps are permitted in packed lunches and can be eaten at lunchtime.


Q: Can my child bring in a drinks bottle?

A: Yes. Your child can bring a bottle daily and refill it in school if needed. The bottle is kept in the classroom and shoujld only contain water.

Q: What time does school finish?
A: School ends at 3:20pm for Year 3 and Year 5, siblings and pupils attending Links. School ends at 3.30pm for Year 4 and Year 6.


Q: Where do I collect my child at hometime?

A: Your child will exit through their classroom door/designated door. Parents/carers will wait for their child in designated waiting areas near to their child's classroom. Parents are not to wait directly outside their child's classroom door as this can be distracting and also cause congestion.

Q: What are the holiday dates for this year?
A: Our term dates for this year and next can be found here

Q: Can I get a message to my child?
A: Yes.  Please call the school office on 024 7639 2272 before 1:10pm so that messages can be put in the afternoon registers. 

Q: Can my child have medicine in school?
A: Yes, but you must come into school and fill in a permission slip, detailing when the medicine must be taken, the dosage and your consent to this being administered by a member of staff. Children are responsible for the administration of their own inhalers. If your child needs to have an inhaler in school, please make sure that it is clearly marked with their name and class.  Inhalers are kept in the classroom and medicines are kept in the school office.  The school office keeps a record of the times that all medicines are administered throughout the school day.

Q: Where can I purchase school uniform with the school logo?
A: School uniform can now be ordered online from Match Fit  Our local school uniform stockist is The School Wear Centre, Nuneaton. If you choose for your child not to wear uniform with the school logo, the uniform must be unbranded.


Q: Does my child need to bring a PE kit into school?

A: No. Your child will wear their games/PE kit to school on their specific day. If they have indoor PE and do not like to go barefoot, your child can bring in black plimsolls.


TuesdayYear 3
WednesdayYear 6
ThursdayYear 5
FridayYear 4


Q: When is my child's class assembly?
A: Our Assembly Timetable can be viewed here: Assembly Rota


Q: When can I join my child(ren) for a school dinner?
A: The timetable can be viewed here: Parents Dinner Rota


Q: Can my Y2 child attend the holiday clubs based in the school?

A: Yes. Your child and siblings (4-11 years old) can attend our Holiday Club. The club is led by Positive Impact and places are booked with them directly. During Summer 2021, pupils eligible for 'Free School Meals' can use HAF codes to gain free places at our club.

Q: Can I take my child out of school for a family holiday?
A: An Application for Leave of Absence must be completed. 

From 1 September 2013, the rules for taking time off in term time were changed. Headteachers are no longer permitted to authorise absence for holidays taken during term time.  They are permitted to grant leave only in exceptional circumstances.  Could we please stress that requests for leave of absence are passed on to our Attendance, Compliance and Enforcement Officer (ACEO) and therefore any decisions are not made by school but by the ACEO.



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